Home Security for the Elderly

Couple enjoying coffee 126475073Home security for the elderly is a bit different from home security for most people, but there are still many crossovers. There are additional ways that security systems can be reconfigured to accommodate the needs of seniors living in their homes. If you are a senior, you can have a solid security system for your own home that will keep you safe and protected. Likewise, if you have senior parents or other senior relatives you need to care for, you can help them establish quality security in their home that will fit their needs. Share the following information with them as you help them plan their security system.

Seniors Getting Scammed

Seniors are an easy target for scammers. Why is that? Seniors are usually retired with some money put away, and they often live alone and will welcome any visitors. But it’s also because in general, seniors are not as aware of the technological developments in the world as the years fly by, and so because they don’t know what scammers are capable of today, they are not going to be as careful about safeguarding their property or information. 79166715So if you have a senior that you’re taking care of, help them by doing the research with them on security systems rather than letting them get sucked into a contract that they can’t afford and don’t want. And if you’re a senior who finds someone at your door looking to talk to you, don’t let them in unless you have proof – ask for their ID, place a phone call to their company, do whatever it takes for you to know from another source besides their own mouth that they are trustworthy.

Making Home Security Easier

You can easily adapt security systems to work better for seniors. For example, if they have health problems and can’t easily get to the door, you can install remote keyless entry so that they can see who is at the front door and remotely unlock it if they desire. Also, take care to go over all the details with your senior parent or loved one so that they understand how the system works and how it reacts when an emergency happens, as well as what they should do in response. Set up regular maintenance checks for them so that they don’t have to worry about it and so that their security devices are always up to date. 134942482Additionally, have the system set up to interconnect all the devices. If they are hard of hearing and a smoke alarm goes off on the other side of the house, they might never hear it and be caught too late to escape a fire. But if all the smoke alarms are connected, they can be warned in the room they’re currently in and have time to get out safely. Lastly, do whatever you can to get affordable monitoring services for them so that they don’t have to monitor it entirely on their own. It can be overwhelming to any person, but especially for seniors if they have sight or hearing difficulty.

Take care of your senior (or yourself, if you are a senior!) by making home security work for their needs so that they can live in the comfort and security of their own home.