Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

Medical alert systems are a great way of keeping you healthy and safe without reminding you too much of how old you’re getting. Nobody likes getting old, so when you become a senior, the idea of needing help to do simple things like getting up and down the stairs can be incredibly depressing. Portrait of smiling senior couple by house 89794602It’s a blow to your pride and a regular reminder that you’re not as young as you once were. Did you know that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has said that a third of seniors 65 years and older fall down each year? And did you know that of those who fall, a quarter of them are seriously injured enough that they will have difficulty getting around in the future? The fact is, no matter how much we hate getting old, aging happens naturally. So instead of trying to beat it or pretend it’s not happening, embrace it with grace and use the necessary means to help you stay healthy as long as possible.

The Three Parts of Medical Alarms

A medical alert system has two parts in your home and one part elsewhere for a total of three. The two parts in your home are the part that is on your person – the “Help button” which will be on your wrist or belt and the base unit which communicates with the remote third part. This third part is your monitoring service at a central monitoring station, which works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever you’re stuck in a situation that you didn’t anticipate and you’re unable to free yourself, such as a fall or other medical emergency, press the Help button on your wrist. It’ll communicate with your base unit, which will send a call to your remote monitoring station, who will send emergency help to you right away. If you live with a spouse or friend who is also elderly or in need of a medical alarm, you can get an additional wristband for them. The nice thing about this is that the Help button (also called the Panic button) is on your person, so if you want to go outside on your porch, in your garden, check the mail, etc., you’re free to do so (as long as you remain on your property so that it could communicate with your base console unit) without the worry that you wouldn’t be able to press the button if you needed help.


Senior couple looking at a mobile tablet 477254817The main reason to look into medical alert systems is because you shouldn’t have to be all on your own. Many seniors experience the unfortunate isolation of aging as their children age and move away. With parents passing away and then friends also moving away or passing away, seniors becoming increasingly isolated. But you shouldn’t have to be alone and uncared for, and you shouldn’t have to go live in a nursing home the moment everyone else is gone from your home or it’s just you and your spouse. You can have a medical alert system for your home to keep you taken care of and safe without being ignored in your medical emergency need due to your independent state. Call 866-565-4305 to be contacted by a security professional about medical alert systems available for you.